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Bolt joint analysis?


Dear All,

When the plane and stiffener are metal with the Fastened Stiffened Concept, hypersizer doesnot analyse the bolt joint failure?

Bolt joint failure analysis can only be executed when the material is laminate???   

My understand is right? or not?


You can analyze a metallic bolted joint for bearing. See AID-195 Single Hole, Bearing, Isotropic Allowable.

You will need to enter the hole diameter in the bolted joint analysis form. See:


Thanks James;

for example:

I fastened stiffener:  there is no any joint failures about "JOINT Span" in the failure tab. So in the Bolted Joint Analysis tab, it always shows "Analysis inactive on Failure Tab".

That's interesting. Use the "open span" to define the fastener holes and run the bolted joint analysis. The "open span" will have the same loads as the "joint span".

Another Questions:

Question 1
in the Bolted JOINT Analysis form,Fastener Load Frame     Pitch S=5, Rows=3

if i manually enter the joint shear load q=100, come out the analyse;
after that, i switch the load from "joint shear load *q" to the "joint shear load, q(from sizing from, load case dependent", and come out the analyse,

the result of "Bearing force *P" is the same.  it is 100*5=500.  so the Bearing force doesn't come from Sizing Form, it is still "Joint Shear load *q".

Question 2
when we define the bearing stress allowable, there is a factor:  e/D=1.5 or 2.0
but in the Bolted joint analysis Form, we don't define the position of holes, just need to enter the diameter of holes. so how to know e/D=1.5 or 2.0.  how to choose bearing allowable for HyperSizer??


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