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Are Open-hat stringers and 'return' flanges available in HyperSizer?


HyperSizer Moderator:
This question was posted by a HyperSizer user via Email:

"We are exploring Hypersizer capabilities and have a few requested capabilities which are important to our business. Perhaps these are available through setup and we don't understand yet.

1)Can open-hat stringers be included in the Uniaxial family? Ideally both bonded and fastened attachments would be available.

2) We often use 'return' flanges on metal ringframes and stringers to resist flange crippling. Can these be incorporated also?"

We can do this at some later date. It is not as easy to do as it may seem. Would open hat stringers be acceptable in the corrugated family instead of the uniaxial family? Open hat stringers and return flanges are relatively old design concepts used on heritage airframes. 


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