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Wrinkling analysis in hypersizer


the wrinkling equations detailed in the Hypersizer manual use k1=0.63 and k2=0.82.  Is it possible to adjust these coefficients? The reason I ask is because some aerospace manuals suggested lower values as low as k1=0.43 and k2=0.33 to account for the effect of waviness and other complicating factors.

Also does Hypersizer deals with the panel wrinkling as a whole or does it consider the localised peaking of loads across the width of the panel??

The wrinkling coefficients, k1 and k2, can be adjusted on the options tab of the Project Sizing form. k1=0.63 and k2=0.82 are simply the default values in our template database. You may change these factors, then right-click and select "Set as Database Default" to apply your new default values.

The closed form solutions for wrinkling use the strength design-to loads. For an FEM, the strength loads are calculated using the statistical loading method selected on the Design-to Loads tab.  You have the option to select a statistical method (1 sigma, 2 sigma, etc.) or element based.

*updated "AID091 Sandwich Facesheet Wrinkling.HME.pdf" version 6.1

Thanks James,

if you could forward me a copy of the updated "AID091 Sandwich Facesheet Wrinkling.HME.pdf" version 6.1


Hi James,

where in the Options tab (Project Sizing form) that allows me to change these values??

Hi James, I found the options tab



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