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Crippling: reduction in Fcc stress allowable due to biaxial loads and moment


Crippling diagnostic output needed: How can I see how much reduction in Fcc stress allowable HyperSizer is using due to biaxial loads and also due to bending moment?


We are currently updating the stress reports to give additional detail for the crippling analysis.  This additional detail will be included in a HyperSizer update that is coming soon.  I will let you know when this update is available.

Phil Yarrington

The stress reports in HyperSizer Version 5.3.31 and above now have much more detailed information for the crippling analysis than previous versions of HyperSizer.   All of the detail that goes into each crippling analysis is laid out in a logical fashion including biaxial and bending effects, the crippling allowable, the applied load and the margin of safety. 

A sample stress report for crippling can be found here:

Hi Phil,

I was hoping to see the example doc in your link and it required password for access. I've tried all possible passwords but to no avail. Can you give us a clue which password I should use - Thanks


In general, we reserve software methods documentation to HyperSizer Users.  Please send an email to and we can provide the appropriate password.


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