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Lamaina Ply Allowable Strain Values Not Consitent


We entered allowable stain values in the allowables form (Lamina Strain Allowables I" TAB. The we applied correction factors in the correction factor TAB.

Issue: The allowable stain values in the pristine "Lamina Strain AllowablesI " form is not consitent with the values shown in the correction TAB (First Colmn - Uncorrected Value).

We can not supply the attachement showing the discrepancy because the allowables are proprietory. The file will be emailed to Phil.

General comment - The preference is to view an integer when tabulating strain values. Integers are shown on the correction form but not in the pristine uncorrected form.

I believe the values shown on the correction factor form are consistent with those shown on the material form except that they have been rounded to four significant digits.  Keep in mind that the corrected and uncorrected values shown on the correction factor form are for reference and easy viewing only.  The real allowable values are the ones that show up on the Orthotropic material form.


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