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Ply Dropoffs for HyperLaminates and HyperLayups

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--- Quote from: Analyst on June 17, 2008, 11:40:20 AM ---What needs to be corrected is the picture on page 100 of the basic manual and on the first post.
The “Top Flange(L2) – Object 1 should be “Bottom Flange or Hat Crown (L4) – Object 1”
The “Bottom Flange – Object 3 (Hat Crown (L4)  should be “Top Flange(L2) – Object 3”

--- End quote ---
I believe I see the confusion.  The picture is correct.  The HyperSizer Hat Stiffened panel is shown with the facesheet on top.  That figure does not have a facesheet, but perhaps it should.  That would make it less confusing.  L2 is the Top Flange and it is attached to the facesheet, assuming the facesheet is on top.  Our objects are always numbered from the top down.  Perhaps if the image was changed to show the relative position of the facesheet, it would be less confusing.



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