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Author Topic: HyperSizer as a Finite Element Analysis tool?  (Read 39041 times)

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HyperSizer as a Finite Element Analysis tool?
« on: July 11, 2008, 03:19:39 PM »
Question submitted by email:

We have a need for software to address structural optimisation through
Finite Element Analysis tools. We are the preliminary stages of our
investigations, therefore our detailed requirements are still being
defined. Since we are still relatively new at using Hypersizer, we would
like to know which of our needs could be met with Hypersizer. Our
objectives are as follow:

      1) Laminate Composite Structure Optimisation Tool: This tool would
enable us to perform optimization of the laminate composite structure with
all the design/manufacturing constraints in consideration.

      2) Hybrid Structure (Metal/Composite) Detailed Analysis Tool: This
tool would enable us to perform detailed analysis of specific joints and
assembly involving complex part interactions

      3) Topology optimisation Tool: This tool would enable us to perform
detailed part shape optimisation in order to help achieving the challenging
target weights for both, composite and metallic parts


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Re: HyperSizer as a Finite Element Analysis tool?
« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2008, 03:21:52 PM »
HyperSizer as a Laminate Composite Structure Optimization Tool:

**** Yes HyperSizer is very powerful at both optimization and advanced specific composite analyses. You will be able to optimize solid laminates, sandwich panels, and even the layups of each of the individual spans of a composite stiffened panel. Other FEA based optimization tools like NASTRAN Sol200, Genesis, and Optistruct cannot do this. 

HyperSizer as a Hybrid Structure (Metal/Composite) Detailed Analysis Tool:

**** Yes again HyperSizer is very well suited for detailed analysis of metal/composite airframe structures. It can do adhesively bonded joints and automatic joint identifications in FEMs. Also HyperSizer automatically creates complete margin-of-safety stress reports including sample equations for every failure analysis method, such as panel buckling, local buckling, crippling, material strength, etc....

HyperSizer as a Topology Optimization Tool:

**** this is a mixed answer of yes and no. First the no. HyperSizer does not optimize parts like an engine block that would be modeled with solid elements, i.e software like Optistruct may do this.  However, HyperSizer can help the layout optimization of say the wing spars/ribs in conjunction with static solution FEA and to control wing tip displacement and twist. Again, HyperSizer is an aerospace specific analysis and sizing tool.