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Yspan length for curved panel


in Buckling tab, it is shown the max transverse buckling length is one half of circumference (?·R) for a curved panel

but in user manual Pro, page 119, it is mentioned "the transverse buckling length will be limited to ¼ the distance around a
cylindrical body".

So which one is correct?

The transverse buckling span will determine the buckling wave length.  Since the buckling waves will be symmetric, using either 1/2 the circumference or 1/4 of the circumference should yield close to the same buckling margins of safety for a curved panel.  HyperSizer will compute the buckling margins of safety for any transverse buckling length, but it is suggested not to enter a buckling length larger than 1/2 the circumference due to its drastic change in buckling margin of safety.


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