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progressive failure


How to analyze “progressive failure”? Which parameters or import options are necessary?

Can some instruction docs be provided?

Progressive failure can be modeled iteratively with any lamina-based failure criteria.  Load the laminate until initial failure, then identify the failure ply and remove it from the laminate then continue loading until another failure event occurs.  You may repeat process many times if necessary but you must have rules in place to determine the criteria for final failure.

Lamina-Based Failure Criteria best suited for progressive failure:
LaRC03 Fiber Failure
Hashin Fiber Failure

You can also use the laminate-based failure criteria which will use the allowables entered from empirical test data.  These allowables are recorded on the Laminate Allowables tab on the Orthotropic Form.

thank you for reply.

but how to identify the failured ply in HyperSizer?

That is quite simple, just load the laminate to failure then go to the object loads tab.  Right click on the desired object and select "Analyze Object Material".  This will launch the laminate form.  Once this form is launched select "Analyze" from the horizontal toolbar at the top.  This will launch the Laminate Analysis Form.

Once in the Laminate Analysis Form you may view the ply-by-ply Margin of Safety, temperature, material type and controlling failure analysis.  On the Failure Analysis tab, the ply with the minimum margin of safety will be checked, this will be your first ply failure.

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