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Author Topic: Knockdown factors  (Read 6620 times)


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Knockdown factors
« on: May 08, 2009, 01:17:05 PM »
How do I have to use the Knockdown factors?
There is a “local knockdown” that acts only on local buckling analysis?
Instead, the “User specified” or “NASA SP” Knockdown acts only on global buckling?
Could you please clarify this? I haven’t found enough information about this topic on the user’s manual.
Besides, I haven’t understood the value in brackets (173.1586). It is the limit to one-half the circumference, but in this case with radius of 1400 the value would be much higher than 173! Could you please clarify this?

Furthermore, It would be nice to have the complete manual of all failure modes considered by Hypersizer (Hypersizer Methods Manual.
This because when I try to have information clicking on the right-side button of the mouse on a failure mode in the Failure Tab I come to this summary table in which some paragraphs are removed. For instance, I cannot find any of the buckling failure modes description (and other).