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Material Protection


Currently in a HyperSizer database only the "HyperSizer Admin" has access to change the material properties. However if the materials contain correction factors they may be accessed and changed by any user without the requirement to save. This may yield to a couple of incorrect databases floating around if the users aren't careful when checking/creating new properties for their own use. Could the correction factors be protected as well to prevent any unwanted mishaps?

This has been corrected in Version 5.5+.   If a user does not "own" a material, they can open the Orthotropic Correction form, but cannot modify these properties.  However, if the user changes the name of the material and presses "Save as New", that material is now owned by that user, and at this point any properties, including correction factors, can be changed.

This does not seem to be working in versions 5.5.1 or 5.6.38.


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