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HyperSizer Error with Crippling User Defined Type


If the HyperSizer User Defined Crippling analysis is accidentally turned on, you might get the following error message:

An error occured while executing a user defined analysis:
"Crippling, User Defined #1"

This message can be avoided by turning off all user defined analysis methods on the Failure tab. 

1. Go to the Failure Tab, right click in the "Available Failure Analyses" frame and select "Show User Defined Analyses"

2. On the left side of the failure tab, filter out all failure modes except the user defined modes, but selecting "User Defined (Pro Version)" in the Failure Analysis Categories.  This will cause only user defined analyses to be shown in the failure tab.

3. Toggle all user defined failures off by pressing the "Toggle" buttons at the bottom of the Available Failure Analyses frame until all of the shown failure analyses are off.

4. Apply this selection to all components in your project by pressing the "Analysis Options" button and select "Apply Selections to All Components in Project..."

This will have the effect of applying the failure modes shown on the screen to every component in your project.  You can also set these selections as database defaults, but pressing the Analysis Options button and selecting "Set as database defaults..."  Doing this will mean that any other projects or workspaces created in this database will have these settings by default.

The error that occured with crippling method #1 will be fixed in the 5.4 version of Hypersizer

HyperSizer User:
Dear Ms or Mr.
HyperSizer Support

When I perform a sizing with stiffened panel concept, I got error with User Defined Buckling analysis #2 and User Defined Crippling analysis #2. (Please see Attached *.HDG file.) I found similar case in the forum, but this way cannot fix my error.

     HDG File
  FILE NAME:                 
  CREATION DATE & TIME:      10-Feb-10  13:25:34
  - This program is confidential and a trade secret of Collier R&D Corp.
  - HyperSizer(TM) copyright 1996-2001 Collier R&D. All rights reserved.
  - Portions copyright 1996 NASA. All rights reserved.
  reading        *.INI 
  reading        *.CNT 
  reading        *.HFM 
  reading        *.SIZ 
  reading        *.HAN 
  reading        *.HFA 
  reading        *.HUT 
  reading        *.HBN 
  reading        *.M** 
  HyperSizer running optimized for the Pentium
  The number of computed GSV permutations    500

Warning 4599 in User Defined Crippling Analysis # 2
 User Defined Crippling Analysis Undefined
Warning 7693 in User Defined panel buckling Analysis # 2
 User Defined Panel Buckling Analysis Undefined

It sounds like you still have user-defined analyses turned on.

On the Sizing Form for your component, go to the Failure tab and select "User Defined (Pro Version)" under the "Failure Analyses Categories" heading.  Then in the Available Failure Analyses, right click and select "Show User Defined Analyses"  (See Failure Tab 1.jpg)

Click the "Toggle" buttons at the bottom of the form and make sure that all of the user defined analyses are turned off. (See picture, Failure Tab 2.jpg)

The User defined failure analysis settings are different for each panel concept.  You must click on the different concepts in the Family Concept Figure (see picture, Failure Tab 3.jpg) and turn off the failure modes for each concept individually. 

For example in "Failure Tab 1.jpg", the user defined failures are turned on for the "I" stiffened panel concept.  In "Failure Tab 2.jpg", the user defined failure modes have all been turned off. 

In "Failure Tab 3.jpg", the user has changed to the "T" stiffened panel concept and note that the user defined crippling and panel buckling analyses are turned on.  You must turn these failure modes off for each concept, so turn them off for the T concept, then click on the "Z" panel concept and turn off all of the user defined analysis methods and continue until you have turned off the user defined analyses for each concept.

Please let me know if this helps.

why does HyperSizer provide the interface of "user defined", but not allow to perform them?


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