Originally developed specifically for airframes, HyperSizer CAE software performs 80% of the analyses required right out of the box. From preliminary design optimization for manufacturability to final FAA certification, the software uses the same analysis methods from beginning to end of the project - avoiding unexpected negative margins and weight growth. HyperSizer simultaneously analyzes and optimizes structural panel cross sectional dimensions, materials, and layups; substantially reducing weight and getting your design back on track with positive margins of safety for all load cases and failure modes. The analysis margins along with integrated test database correlation are documented in Microsoft Word Stress Reports including sample calculations.

Aircraft Design & Analysis Automation:

    Optimize Aircraft Components

  • Wing box: skins, spars, ribs
  • Fuselage: panels and ring frames
  • Empennage, flooring, bulkheads
  • Engine nacelles, cases, IFS
  • Composite or metallic material
  • Stiffened panels, honeycomb sandwich, and solid laminates
  • All design variables optimized
  • Less ply drops and complete part laminate sequencing
  • Reduce structural weight 20%

  • Automate Analysis Process

  • Integrated materials database
  • Integrated test data database
  • Vehicle layout and concept trades
  • HyperFEA® automatic iteration with FEA for load path convergence
  • HyperFEMgenTM for FEA verification
  • Global ply tracking between analysis and CAD drawing part numbers
  • Export/Import of laminate specifications to CATIA and FiberSIM

    Certify with Analysis & Test Data

  • Detailed analysis stress reports
  • Summary tables of controlling margin of Safety, load cases, and failure modes
  • Correlation of failure predictions to tests
  • Damage tolerant composite strength approaches: BVID/CAI/OHC, etc.
  • Extensive material allowable correction factors
  • Panel and stiffener buckling
  • Compression and shear IDT postbuckling
  • Stiffener crippling
  • Interlaminar stresses/bonded joints
  • Bolted joints including BJSFM

  • Lower Fabrication & Engineering Cost

  • Eliminate costly hours of manual calculations, offline spreadsheets, and model remeshing
  • Standardize analyses
  • Optimize for manufacturability
  • Create detailed stress reports
  • Reduce testing for airworthiness certification



Bombardier All-Composite Learjet 85
High Speed Aircraft
Airframe Wingbox Preliminary Design and Weight Prediction

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