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Material Database / Re: Application Error when Importing from Excel
« Last post by Stephen on Yesterday at 07:43:16 AM »
Hi Jan,

To help us replicate this issue, could you provide a little more information? What version of HyperSizer are you using?

Would it be possible for you to provide a sample Excel file that causes this error? That would help us track it down and fix.
Material Database / Application Error when Importing from Excel
« Last post by JanPio on Yesterday at 05:30:41 AM »
I want to use the function "Material Setup"-->"Import from Excel" but recently it is not possible anymore (I successfully used it before).
  • Tools-->Set up Materials and Laminates
  • Import from Excel-->Selection of the file (exported from HS, no changes)
  • Material Import Report is shown (Permission issues for the standard materials)
  • Message: Do you want to commit...despite warning? --> Yes
  • Message: Application Error in clsMaterialSetupHost::mobjMaterialSetupHost_ImportExcel [ Sub]()
  • Message: An Application error has occured. See the application log for details. --> OK or Cancel.
I do not know how to solve this. Does anyone have a hint?
FEM Coupling (HyperFEA) / Re: Freezing FE Iteration at specific candidate
« Last post by JanPio on May 03, 2018, 02:06:41 AM »
For all who have similar problems, ours is solved: we used the FEA loads extraction method "element based" (can be changed in the Sizing Form --> FEA Loads). Changing it to "peak element filtered" made the iteration process finish successfully. Apparently this specific component was overchallenged with calculating every single element.
Thanks again Brent.
FEM Coupling (HyperFEA) / Re: ANSYS: Varying temperatures between load sets
« Last post by JanPio on May 02, 2018, 11:24:57 AM »
After trying some solutions we still face the dilemma that we lose in either way one of the needed features:
removing temperatures from the ANSYS-FEA:
+PRO+ load sets are imported as mechanical, we can use the reference temperature function (load set tab) in HS which enables us to use your workaround for temp.-dependent material properties, which sounded really promising
-CON- we don't take any thermal strains/stresses into account

keeping temperatures in the ANSYS-FEA:
+PRO+ we take thermal strains/stresses into account
-CON- the load sets are imported as "thermal": reference temperatures can neither be typed in nor are they recognized via the TREF command in the *.cdb & *.s0i files

Using separate mechanical and thermal load sets in both ANSYS and HS would remove the temp.-dependence of the material properties in the mechanical FEA load sets, so no solution either.

Or is there any possibility to keep thermal load sets and assign a reference temperature?

Are the stiffener discretely-meshed? Do you have panel segments? This sounds like behavior that I would expect when you analyze a skin segment with multiple stringer segments connected to it.

When a component is defined as having holes, additional components are being analysed even if only this specific component is being analysed. I can imagine this is needed when using the shear flow approach of determining the joint loads, but the additional components are be analysed as well when a user-defined bearing force is given.

Can you explain why this is happening?

Hi James,

We can confirm that the font is installed.

Any other ideas?

Hi James,

When we change the regional settings we get the warning in the picture (see attachment).

We will try the font setting.

Also, please verify that you have the following font installed..

Segoe UI; Bold

This is the default font for the database tree.


Can you verify that you have updated the decimal and digital grouping symbol, as described in the following help topic:

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